Long-lasting surface sealing

Lifetime Performer builds up a long-lasting surface seal inside the engine.

Organic micro-particles in the Lifetime Performer are attracted by the pole reaction of the hot metal surface and form a hydrodynamic seal particularly on the uneven metal surfaces. As the greatest heat is generated at those points in the engine subject to the greatest friction, the seal acts precisely where it is needed.

The micro-particles are extremely resistant to heat. They are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. This makes the seal layer especially long lasting. It does its job through several oil changes and the Performer need not be re-added after every oil change.

What makes the Lifetime Performer so special?

Engine seal:
The Lifetime Performer seals the engine interior. No coating is applied. The difference is principally to be found in the fact that the seal, due to the polar composition, is created precisely where it is needed: at those points in the engine that are subject to the most friction.

Active efficiency:
The liquid agent Lifetime Performer contains organic micro-particles that act dynamically. When they are attracted by the hot points of the engine (frictional heat) they combine there to form a pressure-tight, yet mobile unit that adapts to the mechanical motions of the engine. This ideally seals the engine, generates less blowby and this in turn reduces engine oil pollutants. Also the thinning of the oil that higher blowby produces is effectively reduced. In a cold state the micro-particles separate out and the seal becomes viscous again.

Systematic engine maintenance:
The Lifetime Performer along with the Lifetime engine cleaners and the Lifetime additives forms a complete engine maintenance system. The individual components have been conceived so that their constituent parts and ingredients have been ideally matched and complement each other: For the best possible results!

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