Longlife Diesel Green

Highly effective

Fuel that has been treated with Longlife Diesel Green burns faster, more completely and generates more energy that an untreated fuel. Exhaust generation is visibly reduced immediately after addition. If used regularly the existing hydrocarbon residue in the combustion chambers dries out, becomes brittle and flakes away.

The fuel additive ensures a clean, shiny moist combustion chamber. The lubricating properties of low-sulphur diesel fuels are improved.

Highly concentrated

The Longlife Diesel Green is a highly effective fuel additive on a distilled oil basis, free of metals, alcohols and phenols. A dosage of 1:8000 suffices to have a catalytic effect on the hydrocarbon molecules in the fuel. It means the fuel absorbs more oxygen and a more complete combustion is possible. The fuel additive does not alter the diesel standard EN 590.

Our Longlife Diesel Green is highly concentrated. A mix ratio of 1:8000 is sufficient to achieve the positive effects.

Practically and convenient

Many of our partners offer the additive-concentrate Longlife Diesel Green ready to use as the premium fuel "Longlife Diesel".


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